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Our unique culture is woven into the fabric of our company

Merkle’s energy and personality lives through everything we say and do. It shows in the way we deliver to our clients. People say our people are “smart” and “easy to work with,” and that’s just the preface. Download the Merkle Culture Book or scroll down the page to learn all about what defines our people and our vibe.

The Pillars of Our Culture

Our culture has a deep impact on our success as an agency, and as a leader in marketing data, tech, and analytics. Culture at Merkle is made up of three pillars — a clear and common language that spans our global footprint.
Learn more about each pillar below.


What We Want

We have one goal, and that is to be a great company. Our culture is what will make that possible. It is what unites us, and it is the ultimate form of competitive advantage.

The preservation of our culture has never been more important to us, as we continue to grow globally. Our beliefs and principles form a promise - to each other, to our clients, to ourselves - that we will do what we say we will do. 

Keeping that promise will help us build a great company - through sustained market leadership, through ambition, through a compelling vision for the future, through disciplined strategy and effective execution. 


What We Believe

Our beliefs drive our thinking and our behavior. Here's a snapshot of our core beliefs:

  • People matter. Business is personal.
  • Clients matter. We can't exist without them.
  • Teams matter. We are always stronger as a team. We hunt in packs.
  • Effort matters. Do the work.
  • Principles matter. We value principles over rules.
  • Fun matters. Let's not take ourselves too seriously. It's just marketing.


What We Value

Our people are what make everything possible. Here are the essential values we look for:

  • We value passion and enthusiasm.
  • We value inclusion and diversity.
  • We value curiosity and learning.
  • We value candid feedback and straight talk.
  • We value ambition and action.
  • We value teamwork and collaboration.
  • We value laughter and a sense of humor.




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