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The future of marketing is personal. Here’s its navigation system
10,000 +
Data Elements
95 %
Coverage of US households
242 M
Adults over the age of 18
500 M
Email addresses

Today, marketers are pouring money into multiple data sources and channel-specific point-solutions in the hopes it will be the answer to reaching consumers directly. But this fragmented approach isn’t working. It’s like a car that’s all fueled up for a road trip but there’s no clear destination — and no map to follow. That’s where we come in.

Dentsu Aegis Network's M1 Platform is like a GPS. It’s an accurate, intuitive, and automated system that can pinpoint people, gets you to your destination faster with less hassle, gives you feedback on your progress, and re-routes you when you’re off course. Our identity-first approach makes planning, buying and measuring people-based campaigns faster and easier than ever.

M1 relies on a solid foundation of real identities — not just identifiers, and it helps you connect individuals across time, locations, devices and the media they consume. We protect your brand and your customer relationships by exceeding the strictest data security and consumer privacy standards


Our Team

Chief Strategy Officer, Merkury, Merkle
Global Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, Merkle