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Customer Engagement Report: Q3 2022

Customer Engagement Report: Q3 2022

How a modern data strategy helps close the CX disconnect

There’s a well-documented gap between how brands perceive their CXM capabilities, and what consumers think of the experience they actually deliver. To avoid this disconnect and close the gaps that cause it, brands need to make smart decisions about where and how to focus. A good first step is gaining a clear understanding of what stands in the way.


What you'll learn:

We surveyed over 600 marketing, data, and IT leaders across brands and industries to identify critical barriers to personalization at scale. In this report, we use these survey results to:

  • Explore gaps and disconnects in the key areas of strategy, technology, and data
  • Link these to impacts on growth, brand value, innovation, and other key business objectives
  • Look at ways brands can close these gaps to get back on track

Key takeaways:

  • Strategy – Build a unified customer data strategy for the long term. Teams beyond marketing will find new ways to leverage customer data, not only for their role in CX but for service, innovation, strategy, and more. Without an agile approach, supporting this work will only get tougher as your data grows.

  • Technology – Don’t let your CX platform outpace the data foundation that underpins it. Focusing on hot new tech integrations won’t pay off if your data is not unlocked, aligned, and optimized to empower its full capabilities.

  • Data –Evolve your data practices and platforms as you leverage more and more customer information to deliver personalized CX. Your CRMs and channel-specific martech isn’t built to process and empower data the way modern cloud-based platforms can.