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Take Command of Your Customer Experience

Take Command of Your Customer Experience

With Adobe Experience Platform

Marketing and IT leaders continue to face new and major disruptions to their data-driven CX strategies. AEP is meeting the challenge.

The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) represents a major innovation in the development and delivery of personalized experiences at scale – across channels, devices, and business units. CMOs and CTOs looking to unify customer profiles from disparate sources and activate this data across their marketing stack – Adobe or otherwise – need to understand the power and opportunities AEP can unlock for their organizations.

Download the eBook to learn how brands use AEP to:

  • Unify and standardize customer data from any system, providing a central view of customers with connectors to and from Adobe and other martech applications
  • Enrich, analyze, and empower data in real time to enable advanced audience definition and delivery of more meaningful experiences
  • Better orchestrate, manage, and attribute value to personalized experiences for data-led decision making
  • Activate customer data in real time with safety and security, leveraging data governance features to comply with privacy, contracts, and regulations.
  • Integrate with Merkle solutions like Merkury and LoyaltyPlusTM to further propel the benefits of identity-based data throughout their tech stack

More Ways To Learn: Join Our Webinar!
For a deeper dive into AEP and how it drives business outcomes – and the chance to put your questions to our expert practice leaders – register for our May 5 webinar, co-hosted by eMarketer: Intelligent Experiences: From Identity to Personalization at Scale
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