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Merkury for Commerce

The shopping landscape has changed. New retail media partnerships bring brands a wealth of shopper data but combining that with other data points to make meaningful decisions can be challenging.

Merkle’s Merkury for Commerce brings together our identity resolution platform and leading consumer data to inform commerce strategy, planning, and activation – unlocking the ability to access shopping behavior and data across 35+ retailers in a singular ecosystem. It’s the newest addition to our suite of connected commerce capabilities that are grounded in data and identity, powered by technology, and brought to life through world-class design to deliver personal, engaging, always-on shopping experiences.

Merkury for Commerce addresses your challenges with:

  • Investment & procurement decisions: Learn where to spend the next best dollar based on shopper behavior.
  • Operational silos: The whole organization can access the customer data they need and translate it to holistic media planning.
  • Privacy: It uses first-party data to fill gaps created by walled gardens and third-party cookie deprecation.
  • Personalization: With the right data, you can take back control of the experience customers have with your brand on retailers’ properties.


Our Team

VP, Retail Media, Merkle
VP, Retail Lead Analytics, Merkle